GEM in wheel

Innovative electric in-wheel motors

Industrialisation and Commercialisation

euThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 691371.


Pre-series motor production

Pre-series motor production

The production of the 4 kW pre-series was successfully concluded at Domel facilities. The motors of this new series bring several technical improvements that increase the motor performance. With a new controller PCB and updated software, the motor losses were further reduced while the available torque for acceleration was improved. We simplified the vehicle implementation with less controller inputs necessary to facilitate streamlined testing procedures for our partners. Over 50 motors are now being validated in GEM motors facilities. They will be sent out soon to be implemented in test vehicles worldwide.

10% range increase in driving tests

10% range increase in driving tests

As part of the major project activities, Eccity carried out a longer on-road evaluation of GEM in-wheel technology. A direct comparison with the currently used powertrain was carried out in drive cycle tests. The tested prototype of GEM motors showed an average 10% range increase compared to the conventional in-wheel motor with external controller. The overall efficiency increase is due to GEM motors' patent pending multiphase architecture that allows increased efficiency at low speeds. In on-road drive cycles this characteristic results in superior performance.

3rd project meeting in Grasse

3rd project meeting in Grasse

The representatives of the GEM in-wheel consortium met in Grasse, France. The meeting was hosted by the French quality scooter producer Eccity. Together, all participants exchanged the latest developments in the project and discussed the necessary activities to be carried out in the last quater of the project time. As part of the meeting, there many took the chance to test drive Eccity's electric scooters.


The project GEM in-wheel is carried out within the Fast Track to Innovation Program (No. 691371) of the European Commission.

Within the project the development and industrialisation of GEM motors' in-wheel technology is finalised. A product diversification to a range 2 kW to 6 kW is carried out. The product is tested and validated by the project partner Eccity and other vehicle producers. A cost-efficient manufacturing process and the implementation of a pilot production line is set up by project partner Domel. The institute Fraunhofer IAO develops an optimised production plan for the technology.

Additionally, the institute will prepare a product commercialisation strategy to facilitate the market entry that is carried out by GEM motors within the project.

The project supports the EU strategy towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly society.



GEM in-wheel electric motor

  • innovative technology (patent pending)
    • integrated motor control unit
  • simple construction
    • low cost production
  • high performance
    • small cogging and ripple torque
    • high efficiency
    • high torque
  • smart and compact in-wheel design
  • More information...